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 Creep Gate
The creep gate is ideal for your creep area for the lambs or kids. The vertical bars are movable to adjust the size of hole and roll easily when the lamb or kid goes through. There is a horizontal bar that will keep the does or ewes out of the creep area.
The creep gate available in 4 ft. and 6 ft.
(6 ft. creep gate pictured)

   4 ft. Walk Thru Gate
The 4 ft. walk thru gate allows easy access to any pen. The latch mechanism is extremly easy to operate, but is nearly impossible for the sheep and goats to open. It is a necessity for getting in and out of pens easily.

  Spring 4 ft. Walk Thru Gate
The spring 4 ft. walk thru gate allows for you to be able to walk thru a gate and not have to wonder if the gate got closed. Works great with kids and forgetful husbands. It ends the, "Who didn't close the gate?" frustrations! It also features a easy to operate latch, that the sheep or goats cannot open. Every farm should have more than one of these!

  Solid Corral Panels
These panels are ideal for a blind runway. They are 42 or 52 inches tall. They come in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, or 8ft lengths.
There is also a fold down option, where the top of the panel, where fold down to make it easier to access the sheep or goats.

(8ft, 42in tall solid panel shown)

  Open Corral Panels
The open corral panels are versitle and easy to use. They can be place just about anywhere you need a gate. The open panels come in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 8ft sections.
(4 ft. open panel pictured)

  Show Pens
These show pens are attractice and impressive, yet versatile enough to display your sheep, goats, or even hogs to their best advantage. The pens all connect together in a way that no drop rods are required!! No drop rods means less hassle in setting them up and one less thing to loose.

  Grafting Gate
The grafting gate is a great tool for the stubborn ewe or doe that doesn't want to claim their young or to graft a bottle baby onto another mother. It comes in 5 ft. lenghts.


Custom Made Gates
Have an opening where you need a gate? Let us know the dimensions and we will make a gate to suit your needs.

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