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Head Gates
Model 30 & 30T-Heavy Duty Manual Headgate

The Model 30L manual headgate is ruggedly built to handle small calves or your largest bull. This headgate has earned the reputation as the toughest, most dependable headgate in the industry. Now available with optional neck bars and a manual headsweep to control the animal’s head movement. Working on the head and neck area of cattle has never been easier.

Features Include

  • Parallel opening doors and a low step over help prevent a downed animal from choking.
  • Gate closes down to 3” to hold small calves and latches up to 18” to hold your largest bulls.
  • A unique hinging system and slides push dirt and manure to the outside with each opening, eliminating build-up and door jams.
  • Improved positive ratchet lock not affected by weather conditions.
  • Fully opening doors provide a wide exit and prevent animals from stumbling or jumping when exiting.
  • The Model 30T has 6 more inches of gate clearance height and a beefed up control handle for working large bulls, taller exotics or bison. Specify left or right handle control when ordering.


Model 75 Hydraulic Headgate

The Model 75 Hydraulic Headgate features “Complete Parallel Closing Action” top-to-bottom, eliminating possible choking and providing a clean, wide opening for cattle to exit the headgate without injuries. These two benefits alone are reasons this headgate will pay for itself time and again while cheaper scissor type headgates will end up costing you more money because of injuries to your valuable cattle.
Removable Neck Bars come standard to help stabilize the animal’s head. Add the optional headsweep to virtually eliminate any head movement. Quiet opening and closing action makes working with this headgate very enjoyable.

Features Include

  • Factory presets hydraulics to 450 PSI on the animal’s neck to prevent injury.
  • Headgate shields slide closed parallel with equal pressure top to bottom to prevent downed animals from choking.
  • Fully opening doors provide a wide exit and help prevent animals from jumping or stumbling when exiting.
  • Removable neck extenders that provide a firm hold for implanting are standard.
  • One-hand controls for easy operation - no manual labor required.
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands heavy feedlot use.
  • Quiet opening and closing action.
  • An optional headsweep controls the animal’s head movement for easy implanting, ear tagging, etc.
  • Simple yet effective design eliminates costly repairs.


Model A-25 Automatic Self-Catching Headgate

The A-25 is an excellent headgate for one-man cattle handling, allowing the operator to be behind the animal while it catches itself.

Features Include

  • Spring assisted gates automatically return to the catch position when the release control rod is reversed. The control rod allows you to release and prod the animal from behind for exit.
  • A positive tie rod synchronizes the doors, eliminating troublesome chains or cables.
  • Fully opening doors provide a wide exit and help prevent animals from stumbling or jumping when exiting.
  • Two simple neck and head adjustments allow you to change from large to small animals in a few seconds.
  • Controls can be switched from right to left hand in a few seconds to match your site requirements.
Model 450 & 450W Squeeze Chute

The Model 450 Squeeze Chute is the top of the For-Most chute line. Arguably the best manual squeeze chute on the market today.

Every detail has been engineered to offer tremendous access to essential areas of any sized critter. This chute is easy to operate and provides safety to both the cowboy and the critter. Many options are available to customize this chute to fit your needs and your budget. There is not a better manual squeeze chute on the market today. Stout enough to handle any size operation for many, many years.

  • Both sides open from the working side for sorting or access to the animal.
  • Chute sides are 30" wide at the top and taper in with 6 different adjustments from 22" wide to 9" ensuring any size animal will be held securely yet comfortably centered in the headgate.
  • Well known for the best chute trailering system on the market, the 450W features a removable tongue with top-wind jack along with removable fender wheel assemblies. Easy-to-crank brake winch safely raises and lowers chute into position with minimal effort. Fender assemblies protect that expensive pulling vehicle from rock damage.
  • Optional wire floor
  • Optional split tailgate offers greater strength, extended coverage area and a labor saving easy-to-use activation lever. Can be sheeted upon request if enclosed tailgate is desired.





Length: Inside 7'8" • Outside 8'0"
Width: Inside Top 2'6" • Inside Bottom 9" to 22"
Outside: 3'10"
Overhead Clearance Required: 8'5"
Weight: Stationary: 1,045 lbs. • Portable: 1,425 lbs.


Length: Inside 10'8" • Outside 11'
Door Opening: 31"
Weight: Add 198 lbs.

Model 750 Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

The Model 750 is the first hydraulic chute designed so the chute sides close completely from top to bottom instead of the scissor-type action currently available. A "live" bottom is naturally built into the closing action of the chute. The operator controls how hard cattle hit the headgate by limiting the chute width, significantly reducing the risk of bruising. This is a great chute for feedlots, sale-barns, cow-calf operations and veterinarians.

3-gauge wire flooring, removable brisket bar, reversible headsweep, palpation cage, "headgate" style tailgate, Tru-Test weighing systems and portable or stationary models.



Length: Inside 7'7" • Outside 8'5" • Portable - add 16"
Width: Inside opens to 30" and closes to 10" • Outside 4'7"
Overhead Clearance Required: 7'4"
Inside Height: 6'
Weight: Stationary: 2,360 lbs. • Portable: 2,775 lbs. (includes headgate and pump)


Length: Inside: 10'11" • Outside: 11'8"
Door Opening: 31"
Weight: Add 332 lbs.

Model 700 Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Built with the same industry-leading standards as our manual chutes, the 700 is certain to benefit cattlemen and veterinarians who want the quality & design of a For-Most chute with the labor savings of hydraulics. Built extra stout to withstand heavy volume use.

  • Both sides open for sorting cattle.
  • An optional headsweep can be added at anytime.
  • The portable unit includes a jack, removable hitch, fenders and wheels. A cable winch system for raising and lowering allows you to remove or replace wheels and fenders in minutes.



Length: Inside 7'10" • Outside 8'10" • Portable 10'2"
Width: Inside Top 30" • Inside Bottom 8" to 22"
Outside: 4'3" • Portable 6'4"
Overhead Clearance Required: 7'6"
Weight: Stationary: 2,360 lbs. • Portable: 2,775 lbs. (includes headgate and pump)


Length: Inside: 10'5" • Outside: 11'8"
Door Opening: 31"
Weight: Add 332 lbs.

Model 150 & 150W (Portable) Squeeze Chute

The Model 150 and 150W (portable) have been field proven by our customers for over 30 years. The 150 provides years of reliable service at a competitive price.

  • Controls and branding doors are selected as left or right hand. Please specify.
  • 150W portable includes clevis and pin type hitch. Wheel assemblies are easily removable by one man. The palp cage can be added to either model.



Length: Inside 6'1" • Outside 6'6" • Portable 10'
Width: Inside 2'2" • Outside 3'2" • Portable 5'
Overhead Clearance Required: 8'1"
Weight: Stationary: 535 lbs. • Portable: 260 lbs.


Length: Inside: 8'2" • Outside: 8'6" • Portable: 5'
Door Opening: 21"
Weight: Add 158 lbs.

Model 125 Handling & Sorting Chute

The Model 125 Chute is a good, durable handling and sorting chute offered at an economical price.

  • Both sides of the chute swing in or out for complete access to the animal and three-way sorting.
  • Vertical restraining pipe allows the chute to be used as a grooming, milking or nursing chute. (Pipe supplied by owner.)
  • A ratchet bar for squeezing the animal is mounted on the left door. A sliding tailgate locks down and is rope actuated.
  • Wood floor furnished by the customer slides into the floor mounting channels.
  • Optional palpation cage and 3 point hitch.




Length: Inside 6'2" • Outside 6'8"
Width: Inside 2'2" • Outside 2'5"
Overhead Clearance Required: 5'6"
Weight: 366 lbs.


Length: Inside: 8'3" • Outside: 8'9"
Door Opening: 21"
Overhead Clearance Required: 6'8"
Weight: Add 124 lbs.

Model 300 & 300W Squeeze Chute

The 300 and 300W portable provide all of the features of the 150 series in a heavier chute. We have added additional features that make this a great chute for large producers or veterinarians.

  • Fold down foot panels provide easy access to the animals feet.
  • Controls and branding doors are customer selected as left or right hand. Please specify. Determine by standing behind the chute facing forwards.



Length: Inside 9' Outside 9'3" Portable 12'8"
Width: Inside 2'2" Outside 3' Portable 5'10"
Overhead Clearance Required: 8'1"
Door Opening: 26"
Weight: Stationary: 922 lbs. Portable: 1,252 lbs.

Crowding Tubs

For-Most crowding tub and alley systems consist of individual components that can be configured into almost any design that will accommodate your needs. Our support staff will help you design a system that will meet your needs and provide the optimal handling environment. Study our features and you will discover that a well thought out system will pay for itself many times over. Inferior systems will end up costing you more in the end due to inefficient flow, added stress or injuries to your cattle and your help, or they just aren’t built to last like For-Most.

The tub and alley are completely reversible so they may be set up to match your site requirements - left, right, half circle or straight ahead. Tub and alley panels feature rugged construction with 2 3/8” 10-gauge round tubing and 1 1/2” 14-gauge square tubing throughout, giving you a product that will last for many years. Complete your working system with a For-Most chute for the ultimate in cattle handling equipment.

Our unique alleys are designed to keep you on the ground and off dangerous catwalks. An innovative adjustable overhead grill system prevents cattle from climbing & turning around.
Alley bows control the directional flow with 6’ or 8’ V’d solid panels forming the solid alley. These heavy duty panels pin to the bows and are easily removed for clean out or to access an animal in an emergency.

Our top grill prevents animals from climbing and turning around in the alley, a common occurence in alleys without grills. The grills adjust from 54” to 64” high to accommodate all sizes of livestock.

Single alley sections are 30” wide at top and taper to the bottom that adjusts from 22” down to 18”. Mounting pads on alley bows are provided for permanent installation to concrete.
Overhead alley stops drop behind cattle as they pass through the alley preventing cattle from backing away from the chute. Overhead stop also helps prevent injuries to the animal’s ribs or sides. Alley panels and grills are also available in 2’, 3’, 4’, or 5’ lengths for customized setups.

Nothing on the market today provides a better, more efficient cattle handling system than the For-Most Double Alley system. For-Most was the first company to manufacture an alley system that provides two side-by-side adjustable alleys coming out of the tub. The reason this system works so well is that the cattle see a large 5’ escape hole which they readily go through. Once inside the double alley, the cattle are then funneled into a single alley and then
into the chute.

The system keeps cattle calmer because they don’t need to be prodded and worked up just to go into the alley, therefore, they stay calmer all the way through the chute. It’s a fact that cattle perform better with less stress and there is nothing you can buy that is less stressful than a For-Most working system that includes the Double Alley.

Our innovative double alley design lets you quickly adjust the width of each alley from 30” down to 20”. The adjustment is easily made with no tools in just minutes. The outside panels are sheeted so the cattle can’t see out, but the inside panel is open so cattle remain calmer because they are standing next to a buddy.

The double alley is a great way to increase alley capacity per linear foot of working area. You will be truly amazed at how much faster and easier cattle can be worked in this system.

For-Most is the leading nationwide distributor of Tru-Test scales because we make it easy and convenient to get fast, accurate weights on your cattle. Whether you want to weigh your cattle in the chute, behind the chute or on a platform or separate cage, portable or stationary, For-Most has the solution that will work for your situation.

Ezi-Weigh 2
The Ezi-Weigh 2 is a basic weight digital readout indicator that locks on a stable weight within 3 – 6 seconds regardless of animal movement. owered with an internal rechargeable battery, the Ezi-Weigh 2 indicator will last approximately 10 – 12 hours on a full charge. eatures include:

  • Bright stable light that lets you know when the weight is ‘locked’ and stable
  • Auto zero ensures that any accumulation of animal dirt or manure on the platform or chute is zeroed out after the animal steps off the scale
  • Fine mode allows a smaller resolution when weighing smaller animals such as goats, sheep, hogs, etc.
  • IP67 rating (sealed against dirt and protected against moisture)
  • 2-year warranty

The ID3000 is an entry-level management digital indicator that allows you to collect and store individual animal weights, identification (ID) numbers, and other animal data. ust like the Ezi-Weigh 2 indicator, it too locks on a stable weight within 3 – 6 seconds regardless of animal movement. eatures include:

  • Record individual animal weights
  • Record visual identification (visual ID) tags
  • Fully electronic ID (EID) compatible
  • Visual ID and EID cross-referencing capabilities
  • Alpha-numeric
  • Memory up to 10,000 animal records
  • 50-file storage capacity
  • Average daily weight gain calculations
  • 3-way sorting function for grouping animals into uniform weight groups
  • One 12-digit repeatable condition code field
  • Compatible with most animal management software programs
  • Download, upload, and print animal data



The XR3000 is the most advanced management digital indicator in the marketplace. he XR3000 locks on a stable weight within 3 – 6 seconds regardless of animal movement. he XR3000 offers several key management features including:

  • Record visual ID, electronic ID, and 3rd ID field (tattoo, brand, etc.)
  • 8 life data fields including visual ID, EID, 3rd ID, breed, DOB, sex, origin, etc.
  • Memory up to 50,000 animal records
  • 200-file storage capacity
  • Various weight gain calculations
  • 10-way sorting function for grouping animals by weight, weight gain, breed, etc.
  • Three 15-digit repeatable file data code fields for recording vaccines, implants, etc.
  • Customize file data field names
  • Create pre-set data options for customized fields
  • View animal history
  • Weight predictions
  • Graph animal performance
  • Interface with automatic sort gates



Multi-Purpose (MP) Loadbars
The Multi-Purpose (MP) series loadbars are designed for use in a variety of portable applications including alleyway platforms, single animal cages, or small animal crates. ccuracy rating of +/- 1% when installed on a level surface. oated to resist corrosion, the MP loadbars will provide many years of trouble-free service; interfaces with all Tru-Test indicators. P series loadbars are available in 3 different lengths; 2-year warranty.

MP600 – 23” (4400 lbs. total weighing capacity)

MP800 – 32” (6600 lbs. total weighing capacity)

MP1010 – 39” (6600 lbs. total weighing capacity)

MP series loadbars are not designed for squeeze chute or head-catch type systems.


multi-purpose loadbars

Heavy Duty (HD) Loadbars
The Heavy Duty (HD) series loadbars are primarily designed for permanent installations under permanent, manual squeeze chute systems. he unique footing absorbs the tremendous side loading forces which can occur, preventing damage to the scale system. ccuracy rating of +/- 1% when installed on a level surface. ot-dip galvanized to resist corrosion, the HD loadbars will provide many years of trouble-free service; interfaces with all Tru-Test indicators. D series loadbars are available in 2 different lengths; 2-year warranty. rackets sold separately.

HD850 – 34” (6600 lbs. total weighing capacity)

HD1010 – 39” (6600 lbs. total weighing capacity)


heavy duty loadbars

XHD10000 System
The XHD10000 is the newest digital livestock scale system from Tru-Test. ith 10,000 lbs. total weighing capacity, the XHD10000 is designed for permanent applications under hydraulic squeeze chutes or large platform scales for weighing groups of animals. he XHD10000 consists of 4 bending beam load cells constructed of plated tool steel. he 4 load cells connect quickly and easily in a waterproof junction box. ccuracy rating of +/- 1% when installed on a level surface; interfaces with all Tru-Test indicators. trong and durable construction ensures long term reliability; 2-year warranty. rackets sold separately.



Aluminum Platform
The Aluminum Platform is designed for portable or alleyway scale applications. easuring 7’4” in length and 24” in width (outside width), the Aluminum Platform is designed to fit the MP600 series loadbars. onstructed of high aircraft grade aluminum and weighing only 64 lbs, the Aluminum Platform is the perfect accessory for your alleyway scale application.
1-year warranty.


aluminum platform

Allflex RS250-45 Stick Reader
The Allflex RS250-45 electronic ID (EID) Sticker Reader reads both half-duplex and full-duplex electronic ID tags. his economical, lightweight, and portable reader is compatible with all Tru-Test Series 3000 indicator models. imply connect the reader to the Tru-Test Series 3000 indicator and begin scanning animal EIDs directly into the indicator. owered by the indicator, the Stick Reader also has an internal memory that holds over 3000 tags. 1-year warranty.


allflex rs250-45 stick reader


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